Open a document even with missing fonts in Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever tried to open a PDF or an Adobe Illustrator file and found the fonts were missing? Or perhaps a client sent you a file to edit, and when you open it in Illustrator all the fonts are replaced or scrambled.

This is a workaround to maintain the appearance of the file when you do not have the original fonts.

1. Open a New Document in Illustrator

2. Go to File > Place and find/browse the saved file

3. After you have selected the file, check the “Link” box before placing the file in Illustrator


4. Once the file is placed in Illustrator, click on the image, go to Object Menu > Flatten Transparency…


5. In the Flatten Transparency dialog box, check the box “Convert All Text to Outlines” and Click on “OK”


6. You can ungroup, divide, release clipping mask, etc. as needed to edit the file and/or extract the art as needed.

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