Graphics, Logos and your Corporate Identity

A wise woman once said, “no matter how small a company you have, look like the business you want to be!”

Your companies’ corporate image starts by choosing a company logo. The chosen graphics of your company could one day mean that successful sale you need to rise above the others.Its easy to say that every company needs a well designed logo and the graphic designer can not pull off your ideas and implement them into a creative, but striking logo. Graphics and logos for corporate branding have become imperative.

Ever walked into an office and you pick up the most ordinary notebook off a desk and even that is branded with the companies logo and the graphic design almost gives you a feel that the little notebook was manufactured specifically for that corporate beast you are looking to do business with. Nothing beats attention to detail and more so attention to company graphics, logos, corporate branding and company stationary is a little luxury that every business, from the managing director right through to the end user of your product or services would one day appreciate.

If you are anything like me, and I am sure I am not alone, a branded company almost immediately creates trust and dignity with your consumer. I say “your” consumer because at the end of the day they do become “your” clients and they are ultimately the ones who need to feel the trust and dignity good branding, logos, transparency and honesty, your business can give them. This often starts with a good logo. Bear in mind years from now you would still be proud of that very first well designed company logo, should you choose to do it well from the start.

Corporate IdentityHumans need stimulation and a pleasing easy to remember company graphic or rather logo, could also mean stimulation of your consumer. Often people remember you because they like your logo. The colors used in your graphic design, the simplicity but catchy design of your logo, might just be the reason why that little child says to her parents, she would rather eat at your restaurant tonight. Yes there are factors to consider regarding branding and logos. The corporate giants of today can simply put their logo on a billboard and everyone would have existing ideas and inspiration regarding their products and services, however this should not keep you from phoning that professional graphic designer and have your logo designed.

Successful business people of today are well acquainted with the fact that dressing up professionally for an important meeting is as important as dressing up your company for the very important consumer. It is furthermore true that people do not like buying from the shabby looking street shop if they can find the same product, neatly packaged and sold for a little bit more money, from the trusted store in the shopping centre that has the little logo they know.

Another good example that branding a company with a trusted logo works is our gigantic search engine – Google. Almost every household with a PC knows the search engine. Lets have a quick look at possible reasons why they are so liked. First of all, the logo and graphics used on Google’s front page was never flamboyant. Simple, easy to remember but absolutely functional ! The graphic design of a logo for a company should be just that. Simple, striking and functional.

A couple of pointers to consider when designing a logo for your company :

  • Color. What are the colors you choose to use create in the subconscious minds of your consumers?
  • Font. As little as this may seem, font can be remembered or forgotten in a whiff.
  • Photos in a logo. An almost no, too much detail and your consumer would not remember it.
  • Be unique. Find that graphic designer that can design your logos to be unique.
  • Logos should be flexible. Make sure from scratch you get your logos designed in a manner that allows for change later.
  • Get your Logos and graphics in it’s original Vector state. In future, it may be required to change your logos color or shape, and having the original artwork would be essential.
  • Graphics and logo design should capture your audience. The striking effect of a professional logo can be surprising.
  • Communicate the message in your logo design. Be original but striking.
  • Create authority with your graphics and logos.
  • Consider print and web in your graphics and logos.

Logos often appear on their own – would your logos still look good ?

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